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Smart Banking
Acquring system
Smart Banking


Comprehensive front-bank business system helps to achieve the efficient, safe and stable operation of Smart Banking Branch Kiosk. This platform adopts multilayer architecture technique, and takes advance, flexible and loose coupling as its design principles. Owing to the adoption of SOA service-oriented architecture for design and development, it is suitable for the sophisticated banking system structure. Moreover, the platform is preceded by application services and various channel terminals and followed by the core business system of banks. This integrates various bank trading channels and realizes the functions of different channel businesses among subsystems, such as protocol conversion, message transformation, monitoring management, transaction routing, security management etc. Meanwhile, it implements the functions of using intelligent terminal remote assistance to handle business based on the Web RTC audio and video technology of HTML5, which relieves the workload of the counter staff. Through configuration management, the platform implements the integration of channel access, optimizes terminal business procedure, replaces various front-bank platforms of the current banks to achieve the integration of banks hardware and software resources and simplifies the application development and maintenance purposes for the formation of the true smart pattern.

Comprehensive front-bank business system consists of TMS (terminal management services), TAF (terminal application framework) and PAF (platform application framework). It adopts information interactive model on the basis of message queue to realize internal efficient asynchronous communication. Since the platform supports a variety of means of communication access, it is appropriate for allocating various message formats and database. In the meantime, the platform with the characteristics of openness and loose coupling is easy to extension and access. In addition, through task management mechanism, it implements the management and control of system process, thus to enhance the security of the system and meet the constantly safe and stable running requirements of system 7*24 as well as support cross-platform access and deployment for a true smart pattern.

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