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Self-service Kiosk
Metal Pin Pad
POS Terminal
Kiosk Component
Self-service Kiosk
Concentrating more on the bank’s identity and actual requirements, the financial self-service kiosks developed by SZZT provide people with an access to businesses like account inquiry, self-help transfer, password modification, statement printing, passbook re-printing, bank securities inquiry, transfer and payment, national debt and fund transaction, financial trial etc. It helps realize the financial non-cash businesses, minimize the receptionists’ workload and reduce the queuing.
 Lobby Self-service Kiosk  Wall Mounted Terminal
 Desktop Self-service Terminal  Traditional Self-service
 Bank-hospital Service Kiosk
Metal Pin Pad
With professional design and development team, and manufacturing plants, the encrypting Pin Pad made by SZZT has already gained the certification of VISA PED as early as in 2005. More over, SZZT is the first Asian encrypting Pin Pad manufacture that certificated by VISA. In 2006, the enterprise became the second manufacturer in Asia and fourth in the world to be approved by PCI. The number of products of SZZT certificated by PCI ranked first among all the same products.
 Encrypting Pin Pad  Metal Keyboard
 Metal Trackball  Extended Function Key
POS Terminal
POS terminals, the new generation outcomes designed by SZZT, rightly conform to the trend of payment industry. Despite having the function of traditional self-service kiosks, they are equipped with other more functions, such as mobile wallets recharging and payment fees and so on. For merchants, safety payment would undoubtedly do you a favor in payment business.
 Hand-hold POS  Fixed Network POS
 Smart POS  Payment Peripherals
Kiosk Component
SZZT Electronics commits itself to design and develop commercial printers meeting the demand of particular appliance in diverse industries and fields. And distinct from office printers and domestic printers, commercial printers are specific to various kind of tickets, receipts and barcodes. Meanwhile, as a significant information output equipment of electronic information and automatic identification technology, commercial printers now have been widely used in many fields, like trade/retail(POS terminal systems), industry/manufacturing, transportation, modern logistics, finance(banking system), taxes, catering, lottery, medical treatment, communication, governmental agencies etc.
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Self-service Kiosk
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