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KS8210 Hand-hold POS Terminal
         SZZT developed the unique new generation wireless Mini TakePay series POS with rich experience .
        Benefits from the powerful 32-bit CPU, high capacity memory, internal EPP, fast silent thermal printer and GPRS connectivity, KS8210 can support all types of demands of the electronic payment for banks and other users. Utilizing the innovative uniform technical platform, KS8210 successfully integrates the hardware platform and software applications of POS and EPOS.
        KS8210 offers extremely secured, convenient multi-application and remote download management functions. With light volume, 280gwith batteries,powerful function, high mobility and long-life batteries, KS8210 is the most optimal choice for all kinds of mobile applications and EMV migration businesses.
Features :
鈼        Multitasking operating system, support multi-application architecture  software, easily add      and remove application modules
鈼        Complete file management system, support parameter, journal and black-list management
鈼        EMV4.0 LEVEL 1&2 approved
鈼        Support PBOC 2.0 electronic wallet/debiting/crediting standard
鈼        Support multiple communication protocols including GPRS, Support the fast remote  application download with TMS,Embedded GPRSSMSGSM module
鈼        Support bilingual input (English/Chinese)
鈼        Integrated high performance development kit KSOS-SDK in C language
鈼        Support file download certification
鈼        Equipped with electronic sensors and detectors, support self- destroyed to avoid illegal accesses      
鈼        External PIN Pad, VISA PED, PCI complaint
Specifications :
CPU 32-bit RISC processor,
Storage High capacity memory, support external T-FLASH card,
Printer High speed silent thermal printer, easy paper loading,
support barcode and graphic  printing,
Magnetic Card reader Support ISO7812  2/3 trackbidirectional
IC card reader IC card reader*1SAM card reader*2SIM card reader*1, support ISO 7816 standard
Interface 2* RS232 interfaces1* USB port, support external check scanner and barcode scanner
Keyboard 23 numeric and functional keys, support alphabetic input,
Security internal EPP,Support DES3DESRSA,ANSI X9.9 and ANSI X9.8 algorithms,
Dimension/Weight :182mm×82mm×54mm (L×W×D), 280gwith batteries
Environment :            Working temperature050鈩,
                                      Working humidity1090


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